I want to share something with you that I have experienced my whole life…a sensitivity to to all things chemical and synthetic.  I have never been able to wear perfume, burn scented candles, use scented deodorant and laundry detergent nor many other things that people do everyday.  I also cannot be around such things as cigarette smoke, gasoline and paint fumes, air fresheners nor anything that off gasses like leather, new tires, etc. Basically, anything that contains an artificial fragrance or chemical is taboo for me to be near. More people are afflicted with this than we realize. Do you share this same condition?


I have physical reactions to these chemicals. As an example, I recently worked where cigarette smokers were confined to the bottom floor of a parking garage. There was no wind to disperse the smoke, so it would waft into the stairwell. I would have to hold my breath while in the stairwell and take tiny gasps of air until I got to the bottom and was able to get out of the garage. Just taking a few breaths of the smoke would cause my throat to burn and chest to become congested. It could also trigger a migraine headache and my sinuses to become inflamed. Once this happens, my sense of smell goes into overdrive. For instance, I can smell laundry detergent on people who are near me as if the detergent box is open right under my nose.


A guy who sat next to me at work wore cologne everyday.  My sinuses were constantly in a state of inflammation because of this.  One day I spoke to him about it.  He went home during lunch, showered and never wore it to work again.  I am thankful that he understood my pain as perfume is really awful for me to be around.  I’ve had instances where I’ve walked where someone walked before me who was wearing perfume.  They were no longer around, but their perfume sure was and my nose and throat were on high alert!  Oh, and forget about going into the stores, especially at the mall, that disperse synthetic perfumes/chemicals into the air.

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Why am I sharing this with you? Well, I have some exciting news!  About five months ago I discovered a certain brand of essential oils. I researched and read all about them.  The thing that intrigued me the most was their therapeutic-grade designation.  This means that they are pure…free of fragrant synthetic chemical substitutes that I am so sensitive to. I decided what the heck, I don’t have anything to lose and potentially a lot to gain from these oils, and I ordered the entry-level kit (along with several other oils and a diffuser).

When my oils arrived, I was so eager to try them and see if I had any reactions.  This was going to be the true test for me if they were pure or not.  I started diffusing that day and to my surprise did not have any reactions at all…for the first time in my whole life!  This was a huge win for me! I could now have something in my house that has a pure, natural scent.  A day has not gone by that I have not diffused these essential oils in my home!  I soon discovered the true benefits of these oils…their potential healing power and the many all-natural recipes I can make to replace numerous chemical-laden household products.  I will defer telling you about the many assets of these essential oils and how they may help you in another post, coming soon.

If you would like to experience the many benefits of these essential oils, contact me and I will help you choose which essential oils are right for you and your family!

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